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How to Save Money for Traveling

If there’s one superpower I have, it is saving money.

(I know, it is probably the lamest superpower anyone could have…)

My wife and I are gearing up for a long trip to Asia in the beginning of 2015.

We currently make more than enough to do pretty well in places like Thailand through our work online.

However, it makes me feel more at ease to have a big stash of cash saved up in case something goes sideways.

It’s my hope that we never have to use this money.

But it make me feel more relaxed to know it’s there.

Right now, it’s looking like we’ll end up with somewhere around $20,000 saved up by the time we leave.

The interesting thing is that a year ago, I had virtually no savings at all. Continue reading

I got some tickets to Thailand.

My wife and I are leaving on New Years Eve from SFO.

I also find it personally rewarding that the tickets were completely free thanks to reward points.

This should be fun.

Fuck the Hipster Mac! (Stop Screwing Around and Focus on What’s Important)

It’s funny how things start to slide in a slow and nearly imperceptible way.

A few months ago, if you had asked me if I was focused on building my business or working toward my dreams (like traveling), I would have told you, “Hell yes!”

But now, I don’t think that was true.

Somewhere along the way, things started to slip.

You often start out with great dreams of what you want for yourself.

But then life somehow gets in the way.

It chips away at them.

It starts to slowly nudge you off course.

Until one day, instead of working toward a goal of traveling around the world, you find eating $15 “hipster mac and cheese” made with “artisinal hot dogs” at some overpriced and mediocre restaurant to be the highlight of your week.


Continue reading

Digging for Old Dreams

I got back from a trip to San Francisco recently. As soon as I got there, I hiked up to Alamo Square Park and started digging in the dirt around trees.


Well, that requires an explanation…

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Today I’m packing for a short trip to Northern California.

I’m heading down to San Jose for a Gold Medal Bodies seminar in Salinas.

I’ll admit that I’m pretty excited to leave Portland, even if it’s just for a short amount of time. I feel a little frustrated thinking about how cooped up I’ve been here lately.

I spent the past few days taking care of a few logistical things, so I can step away from business for a while without everything falling apart.

One thing I like about my business is that it is a pretty low-maintenance thing. Don’t get me wrong, it does require SOME work to keep up and running, but it is by no means oppressive.

If it came down to it, I could probably keep the whole thing in “maintenance mode” on maybe 6 hours a week.

Sure, that’s not “4 hours” but for me that’s good enough for me.

Talk to you later…

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