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A New Direction (And Coming Out of Hibernation)

It’s been a long a rough road.

But sometimes, when things change, they change pretty fast.

That’s where things have been lately for me.

Over the past few months, my little business has started making a lot more money, and that’s allowed me to relax a little bit more in life.

I don’t really know all the details of how it will all unfold yet, but I’m hoping to do some traveling soon.


I’m not sure.

My wife and I want to go back to Thailand again… but then they had a military coup in May.

I’ve heard that it’s actually not that dangerous over there. But still, I’m going to wait a bit to see how all the dust settles.

Over the past few months, we’ve been saving up money for traveling. I think we could probably do all the traveling we want without using our savings… just living off of the revenue from our business, but it’s nice to have a safety net just in case we have a bad month for some reason.

And I’ve been getting a lot of airline miles too. I’ll explain more on that in another post.

So, one way or another, there will be some kind of fun adventure in the future.

It’s also taken me awhile to sort out what I want for this blog, and how it fits in with other things, like my professional website.

I think I’ve finally figured it out, but again, the proof will reveal itself through implementation.

Right now, I’m seeing this site as a way for me to connect with other entrepreneurs on a more personal level, rather than talking about things like PPC or ROI.

Plus, this gives me a place to really share what I’m up to with friends (since I’m a social media curmudgeon and refuse to use Facebook for anything other than advertising currently).

So the long story is that I’d like this to be a travel blog that helps me connect with other entrepreneurs out there. I don’t imagine myself posting a lot of travel-related stuff for at least several months, so this will probably cover topics about lifestyle as well.

After all, I think most of the people in this crazy “online entrepreneur” world that I’ve somehow stumbled into are very much interested in more than just travel, but all sorts of lifestyle topics.

All right. It’s been a long and dirty right through the internet lately.

As has been a bad habit lately, I’ve really dropped the ball on writing here, but hopefully that will change.

I’m planning on resuscitating this blog and using it as my place on the internet to share personal updates and thoughts.

I make my money elsewhere online, so for the time being I have nothing to sell you.

This is just where I’d like to make friends and write about life and travel.

More coming soon…

What Are Your Business’ Principles? + Personal Update

Hey everyone.

I’ve been elusive for the past few months. I guess I suck as a blogger…

A lot has happened.

I’m actually writing this from my mother’s house… where I grew up as a kid. I’m staying awake all night because it is the only way I know of to avoid getting jet lag.

Tomorrow my wife and I are leaving on a honeymoon trip to Tokyo, Japan.

Yeah, I got married. A little over a week ago.

I guess it’s no surprise that I started working with an online fitness company to free her up from her job a little over a year ago so we could do this whole online marketing thing together.


I’ve been working with a few different online companies and the contrast between them has taught me a valuable lesson.

Continue reading

My New Website…

I first started this blog back in 2009.

At the time, I was documenting a journey. I was trying to figure out for myself if I could really make a living online.

And back then, this website served the purpose that I needed it to at the time.

But it’s becoming increasingly difficult for me to keep working on this domain. The domain name just doesn’t “fit” the way it used to.

That’s why all my marketing-related stuff is moving over to this website.

I’ll still write over here at Journey of My Own, but it won’t be about business and marketing. I’ll write more about life experiences and travel, and other things.

You’re welcome to read this blog, but from here on out, only personal stuff is going to be here.

All the business and marketing stuff is over here.

Thanks for understanding :)

Happy Hour, Hand Cramps, and Woo Woo Stuff


Okay, nothing terribly useful in this update. Just a few odds and ends from the front lines of my life.

Expect more tips and strategies next time… Continue reading

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