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A Sale!

I made a sale yesterday.  Sure, I’ve made sales before, but this one was different.

I didn’t have to pay for it.  The traffic came totally free through SEO.

In these early days, when I log into Clickbank and see those rare little spikes indicating a sale, I really can’t believe my eyes.  It seems unreal.  I stare at it for a few moments not really trusting my eyes.

Then slowly, a smile glides across my face as I realize that I did it!  I f—ing sold something!

Okay, so I only made $56.95.  Not really that much.  Hell, I could make that much in just a few hours if I had a desk job.

But this is somehow different.  It’s exciting.  Why?  Because I didn’t lift a finger at all yesterday to promote this product.  It’s a taste of what passive income is like.  And I’m hooked.  I want more of this!

Maybe I’m crazy (which I probably am), but I say a little prayer for each of my customers.  I promote e-books and digital products that help people with panic and anxiety attacks.  I thank them for their purchase and I sincerely wish that they can find peace and that what they purchased helps them.  Maybe I’m just being naive, but I really want to help people.

Hell, now I have some motivation to keep me going strong.

Look out internet, here I come!

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  1. Hey Clayton!

    I just started reading through this journey. Got it from Affilorama. Congrats on the first sale! I’m still waiting for mine ;)

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