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My name is Clayton Terao.

I’m what you could call a digital mercenary.

I’m also kind of a weirdo. You’ll usually find me sitting a dark corner of a coffee shop, my knee bouncing up and down, jittery from too much caffeine. I’m sometimes shy. I wear a pair of glasses that look like lenses from the Hubble telescope. I’m often disheveled, lost in thought, and scribbling notes in a tiny black notebook.

And, while I may not be the most approachable of people, there is one thing I’m obsessed with.


I started a little niche business online in 2009, and had to learn the hard way the subtle art of human psychology and what makes people want to buy stuff and the “Conversion Levers” that inspire people to take action.

I’m more than just a copywriter though.

I run my own business, just like you. I know that you have other things to worry about like upsells, getting leads, how responsive your list is over the long haul (and how much they trust you), and the challenges of customer support.

I’m interested in making the perfect offer. And sometimes that goes beyond the sales page.

If you’re looking for a discount-rate hack copywriter who will just take a template sales letter from a swipe file and just play fill-in-the-blank with your product or business, then you don’t want to work with me (and I don’t want to work with you).

However, if you’re looking to invest in someone who will work with you to uncover the right angle for what you’ve got and work to create a unique and dangerously effective marketing message, then we should talk.



  1. Clare says:

    Hi Clayton

    Found your site via your fabulous “rejection letter” post on the Tim Ferriss blog.

    Just wanted to give you a cheer for giving this a go…I meetlots of people who are finding it much harder to leave corporate hell than they would have found it simply to follow their own path in the first place. Good luck, and have fun-freedom is worth it.

  2. Clayton says:


    Thank you for your comment. I’ll agree that doing your own thing can be a little frightening. Especially when contrasted with the feelings of (perceived) safety and security of living in “corporate day care.”

  3. AP says:

    man o man….this is carbon copy of my story..I am in Australia…and I did “double masters” in IT. The industry took a hit and now it has far and few jobs. Though the only twist is that I was doing IM on and off while studying and now I have taken to it full-time because of similar situation as yours.

    You inspire me bud!


    • Clayton says:

      @AP, Actually, I did that too. I used to do PPC direct linking while I was finishing up grad school. It was pretty easy and didn’t take too much time. Granted, I didn’t make very much money from it, but at least it gave me the impression that I was doing something productive.

      Good luck with IM. I don’t know what the IT world is like, but if it’s anything like the architecture world, it’s going to be a long time before all the laid off people get jobs and the competition starts going down again (last job I applied for received several HUNDRED resumes for ONE position).

  4. AP says:

    I have been going thru the same thing…few jobs, several hundred applicants. Preference to citizens which I am not at the moment so its harder.

    If you wish to make a mastermind group to overcome procrastination issues (if any) or just anything please do email me.


  5. david says:

    just found this blog via affilora, looks like things are picking up for me, great inspiration, i will book mark this and come back from time to time,i have been doing affiliate marketing for over 2 years with little success until i discovered affilorama then all hell broke lose and i started to finally make money online,i quit my job back in march 2010 because it got in the way of my im efforts even though i wasnt making as much for my im efforts i decided to fire my boss and take the path very very very rarely travelled by us im’ers, who get sick of working to make other people rich when we have the potential to make a huge differance to all around us, friends ,family , charity,…. any way bit of ranting there… but its important that we stay focused forget about the media BS and just do it.. your blog is amazing, i might just start my owh one and inspire others to follow …

    all the best

    • Clayton says:

      @David, Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yeah, it can definitely be challenging to “go it alone” without a job, but if you’ve got a proven system that works, you just need to scale it up and you’ll be making good money.

  6. Paul Morales says:

    Great website and awesome story. I’m also somewhat similar and I’m in the 1.5-2.5k per month level. I’d enjoy talking to others too. Contact me if you want to chat.

  7. Kent Chow says:

    Nice meeting you Clayton. It’s great to see you succeed in Affiliate Marketing and Blogging. Keep up your good work. Thanks for your sharing and inspiration to new IM myself.

    • Clayton says:

      @Paul, Good to see there are people out there doing better than me :) I’d love to make $1.5 – $2.5k / month!

      @Kent, Thanks for visiting my blog. I actually started this blog because I had a lot of nagging questions when I was first starting out like “will this work?” or “How long with this take?” I wanted my blog to answer as many of these questions as possible for others.

  8. Corrado says:

    Hi Clayton,

    one of your achieved goal is
    # Make more money than I spend (about $1000 / month)

    Do you intend that you spend 1000$/month for IM? And if yes, could I know in wich way?

    • Clayton says:

      @Corrado, I spend about $300 – $350 on IM. I spend about $1000 / month on rent, bills and groceries :)

      $47 – AMA
      $67 – UAW
      $200 +/- Outsourcing

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