Well.  I just want to make it clear that I’m totally broke.  I have about $1700 to my name and it’ll be $1200 after I pay rent today.  Times are pretty tough.  And I picked the worst time to graduate from school. One thing I do have is time, which I’m pouring into affiliate marketing.  [...]

Don’t Give Up on Your Dreams

If you’re trying to change something in your life, or do something that scares you, you must first solidify your goals in your own mind.  Tell yourself over and over again that what you want is indeed possible.  Seek out others that have done what you want and listen only to them.  Don’t let people [...]

…A Single Step

So, here I am beginning this blog.  I’m here documenting my journey toward a more intentional life.  I’m questioning things that society tells us to do.  And I’m striving for a life that is truly unique, truly my own.  I want to consciously choose as much as I can instead of sleepwalking through life.  I [...]

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