So, my first two websites are up and running.  I’m aggressively building backlinks to improve their search engine rankings and bring in more than the small trickle of traffic.

Waiting for a website to rank is pretty maddening.  It’s totally outside of my control and I’m a very impatient person.  So, I’m just distracting myself by working on the third site.

This one is actually a lot easier because it is something I can relate to personally.  I think that helps a lot with the niche that you’re working in.

Also, Ezine Articles FINALLY upgraded my status to basic plus (one business day, my ass).  By now I have about 10 articles to swamp them with.  It shouldn’t take much time at all to get my 25 submissions in and get upgraded again to platinum.  Supposedly, Ezine Articles doesn’t completely suck as much if you have platinum status.

I can hardly wait </sarcasm>.

The diet is going well.  I like eating nuts and meat and lentils, so this is a pretty tasty diet for me.  I’ve got my first binge day coming up and I’m looking forward to it.

I guess there’s something to be said about wanting what you can’t have.  I haven’t wanted to eat ice cream, pizza, or beer in quite awhile.  But ever since I decided to do this diet and limit what I’m eating, I’ve been dreaming about all the sugary/carb-filled goodness that is Saturday!