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October 2010 Earnings

I’ve been away from home for just over a month.  It feels like it’s been a lot longer though.  I suppose that’s mostly because every day is filled with new things that I’ve never seen before.  It feel like I’ve been gone forever and it’s hard to believe that I’m only about half-way through this trip.

Anyway, in October I made $2121.38, which is almost the same as what I made last month.

I can’t really complain though since I barely did any work at all in October, and none of it was on any of my current money-making sites.

I wrote 5 articles and I started writing a PDF for something I’m working on for 2011, but that’s it.  I don’t think that even works out to 4 hours a week.  Tim Ferriss would be proud :)

I guess it’s just been difficult to devote time to working while I’m trying to navigate my way through foreign countries, and being exhausted from the humidity and yoga I’m sure doesn’t help much either.

I suppose I can try to put in more time in November.  Or, in a worst-case scenario, I can just work non-stop once I get back home in December to finish up some projects I want to take live in January.

This might seem a little crazy, but I’m actually considering doing polyphasic sleep when I get back to the US.  It seems like something interesting that would be fun to try and might even help me squeeze more hours out of a day.  I know John Flowers has done it in the past successfully, and it seems that Tim Ferriss is going to write about it in his upcoming book the 4-Hour Body (which I am quite excited about).

Well, I guess that’s all there really is to say since I didn’t do much work this past month.  Here’s my ClickBank screenshot.  I made a few extra bucks from other affiliate networks, but it takes too much time to photoshop them onto my CB graph (especially when you’re short on time and working on a frustratingly-small netbook).  I hope you don’t mind.

Well, I’m off to go find a coffee shop in Singapore to perhaps get a little work done now that one of my new friends Javier has shown me how to access the Wireless@SG city-wide wi-fi network (thanks again).  Talk to you soon :)


  1. haha, I’m no longer a new friend already after seeing your blog for so many months. Anyway, hope that the wireless sg work for you.


  2. Clayton, I say it all the time, but nice work man! You’re testing the ‘autopilot’ factor of these sites and it’s working.

    I get super pumped about these updates, thanks for keeping them coming.

    Polyphasic sleep would be a crazy experiment – I know Steve Pavlina wrote a bunch about that on his blog a few years back, might be worth a read if you haven’t checked it out already.

    Have a great second half of your trip man!

    – Devin

  3. Clayton,

    Great work man. Very cool. I knew a guy who was doing that kind of sleep schedule at my old job. The one I quit to do IM full time. ;)

    Anyway have you read Steve Pavlina’s blog about this? His blog rocks:

    Keep having fun. So cool you made the same money w/o working that much.

    • @Javier, Haha! Okay, I guess I need to watch how I word things. Thanks for helping with Wireless@SG and thanks for showing us around. I hope I can return the favor someday. If you ever come to visit in Seattle, maybe I can take you to see some snow on Mt. Rainier your maybe you can try eating geoduck.

      @Devin, Thanks, man! Yeah, I’m not really sure what to think about polyphasic sleep now. I’ve been reading some rather negative opinions of it…

      @Justin, Thanks! Yeah, I’ve been looking at Steve Pavlina’s experiment with polyphasic sleep. I’m not really sure what to think though, since there are a lot of people out there that bash it as “dangerous” and “unhealthy.” What was your old co-worker’s experience with it?

  4. Clayton,

    I’m just about done with my first affiloblueprint website – it was a ton of work! I was wondering if you did a newsletter series for your website – I haven’t done one yet, and was a little worried that Mark said it could actually reduce sales. Also, I’m wondering if it may be better for me to spend my time either beefing up and improving the site (I have 21 articles so far) or starting a new website. Since I really respect your opinion, and want to accomplish the same results you have, I’d love to have your insight.


    • @Joe, I didn’t put a newsletter on my first website until several months later. I think newsletters generally are more helpful in bringing in more sales if your niche is more of a “passion” niche like learning guitar or dog training. It might actually hurt your sales to have a newsletter in a “quick-fix” niche like yeast infections or registry repair.

      In my opinion, you should just keep cranking out a bunch of sites until you find a niche that seems to work well for you in making good money. Then focus your attention on that niche and build up that site into a true authority site.

      Hope this helps.

  5. That actually helps a lot Clayton – thanks man. I’m going to finish the 30 articles, do some more article spinning (I now understand what you mean by saying you go crazy after an hour of doing it – I thought you were exaggerating before when I read it), and then start on my next site.

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