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Website Building Update – Week 41

I keep steamrolling ahead with these sites.  I’m getting articles spun while I finish up writing the last few sets of original articles.  I finished the additional articles for website #2 bringing it up to 50 content articles.  I’m feeling really optimistic about my keywords and the potential for my websites.  I can’t wait to start building backlinks :)

Now I just need to focus on website #1 and then its time for some fierce backlink building!

I’ve been reading some posts on forums here and there about how blog networks like AMA and such are pretty much worthless due to the fact that the majority of the sites that get content from these services suck (no visitors, no PR, some don’t even change from the default WP theme).  I’m curious if this is true?  Are there any alternatives?

Sales-wise, this week wasn’t particularly remarkable.  I’m still feeling pretty optimistic though.  All the vital stats for my sites are consistent, so no harm done.  Summer is going to start any day now in Seattle (keeping my fingers crossed), and I’m nearly ready for this second wave of intense article marketing hopefully in time to play in the sun a little bit.


  1. Hi Clayton, I used AMA for a few months and didn’t feel like I got the results that I was looking for. Besides I did not like writing and spinning articles. I outsorced it and felt it just was not a good return on investment for me.
    Maybe you should pick a couple of your sites and stop AMA and try something else with them. Jim Pruitt from affilorama has a good bookmarking service I used for the first time about a week ago and was very happy with the results “imrelations” I think it is. Here is a link to a forum that I belong to that you should join. It just offers a little different view on things. I apologize if I am out of line with my suggestions because at this time you are making more with your sites than I am with mine. Have a great day.

    • @Todd, Thanks for the suggestions. I’m kind of thinking things through right now. Not really sure where I’m going to go with all this stuff yet….

  2. @Clayton,
    just dropping by…uhh..IM sucks sometimes but its fun when the $’s keep flowing in

    Dennis’s last blog ..Internet Marketing – Week 16

  3. I kind of understand your concern. if you follow the trackback in your site from AMA’s blog network, you’ll find many sites that rank between 3-6million in Alexa. Not very impressive.

    I guess the purpose for this is merely getting backlink as we can’t expect visitors from those sites. “If you can’t get 1 high PR backlink, get 1000s low PR backlinks” concept

  4. Your doing really well! i can only dream of sales like your getting! are you doing this full time? If you dont mind me asking how many hours are you spending on your im efforts per day ?

    Keep it up!

  5. @Clayton,
    Just save yourself the stress. I have a policy – “post and forget”!
    Once my article is posted I dont stress anymore about it. I move on to the next set of articles. get them written and spun then post and works for me and at the end of the day I get some backlinks so no stress

    Dennis’s last blog ..Internet Marketing – Week 17

    • @Stefan, yeah, I guess so. It’s strange though. I’ve had articles that have been submitted over 200 times several months ago, yet I’m only seeing 50 backlinks. I don’t… I guess I just need to think this over a bit…

      @Ian, yeah, I do this “full-time” which basically means I sit in front of a computer for about 8 hours a day. But really, I probably only do about 3 or 4 hours of real work each day when you discount the procrastination and wasted time :)

      , I’m starting to think that’s the best policy. Thanks for reminding me not to over-think things.

  6. It’s nice to see somebody expressing their earnings. Hopefully you’ll crush it this summer, summer here in the UK is massive and personally I’m going to spend my time building a few of my websites. Will stay tuned and check your website updates next month.

  7. hi clayton,

    wich programs do you use for keyword research? Traffic travis? Adwords?

    have you seen a decrease of your rankings due to google caffeine?

    • @Blogging Assets, Thanks for the encouragement. I live in Seattle, USA. I’ve never been to the UK, but I understand that weather is pretty similar. Dark and gloomy most of the year with nice summers.

      @Corrado, I have a Mac, so running Traffic Travis is a pain for me. I prefer Market Samurai since I don’t need to switch operating systems. But it’s pretty similar to Traffic Travis, at least for how I use it.

      I haven’t noticed any significant ranking changes. From what I understand caffeine is only supposed to effect websites that have a long loading time. Most AB sites shouldn’t have that problem. Are you having some kind of drop in rankings?

  8. HI Clayton

    I have been watching your progress since I bought Affiloblueprint you are doing really well. I wonder if you could give me any advice on how much to expect to pay for article spinning. I have started doing it myself but it takes forever.



    • @Tara, Hey, thanks for checking out my blog. Yeah, spinning can be a real pain if you have to do it yourself. Even tools like the Best Spinner and Rapid Rewriter don’t take away much of the pain.

      I’m getting a bunch of articles spun right now. I get about 20-25 articles spun for about $175-$200 depending on article length. If you know you’ve got a money-making site, definitely outsource spinning as fast as you can :)

  9. Hi Clayton

    Thanks for the info – I think its something I will definitely look into when I start making money from my site.

  10. All in all, blog networks and link networks seem to have limited long term value. They may give a boost for a short while but it won’t be as strong or long lasting as creating original content yourself and backlinking naturally. That’s just my 2 cents and I hope it helps!

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