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Website Building Update – Week 42

Wow!  Week 42.  That means I only have 10 weeks before it’s been a whole year.  I’ve got to step up my game!

I’m done writing articles for now and I got articles spun for my girlfriend’s website (others will be completed soon).  Now it’s time for some intensive backlinking!  Personally, I enjoy this more than writing or spinning articles because I don’t have to think very hard (I told you I’m lazy, right?).  Just copy and paste articles while listening to an audiobook or a podcast in the background.  Actually it’s quite enjoyable :)

I decided to not worry about blog networks for now.  I’m doing something right, so I’m not going to ask any questions.  Once I get caught up with article marketing, then I can take a look at how effective AMA and all those other networks are, and correct course if necessary.

Anyway, I got back spun articles for my girlfriend’s website.  I’m helping with the link building for her site.  All of our sites are part of the same company, she’s just the “project manager” (or whatever) for this site and she has her own Clickbank account.  So, you won’t see any results for her site on this blog.  But it gives me something to do while I’m waiting to get spun articles back for my own sites.

This week was pretty good.  Looks like I’m on track to making somewhere between $1000 – $1500 this month.


  1. Hey Clayton,

    When you mentioning different network in your screen shot, which other network do you work with too?? Are you working on physical products?


    • @Javier, There are lots of other networks besides Clickbank. Actually, that one on my screenshot this week is a private in-house affiliate program for a specific product I’m promoting. If you know your niche well, and you know something is a good product, promoting non-Clickbank products can actually be easier. There’s tons of competition for Clickbank “product review” pages since I think most people start affiliate marketing with Clickbank. But if you venture outside of Clickbank, you can find other great products that are a lot easier to rank for in terms of “product name review” pages.

      Check out One of the members at Affilorama made that site a long time ago and it really inspired me when I first got started. If you dig deeper, you’ll see that he promotes several non-Clickbank products. He’s mentioned a few times that he makes about $1000/month from that site. That was about a year ago, though. I can only imagine what he’s making now…

  2. Yes indeed promoting 3rd party affiliate products ( I mean not mainstream like CB) can be very profitable. I’ve built 2 minisites promoting physical products, 1 CPA offer and 1 CPS. I always target keyword in domain names.

    One of these sites has made me 600$ last month, another one over 140$ (it only has 1 page and nothing more, no even contact us and privacy pages )))) I need to work a bit on it, but I’m too lazy and cannot work in multithreading regime ))

    Authority sites – I think more stable in terms of sales. Many pages… I started one last month, now it’s #5 for main keyword, no sales yet, gotta look into the issue..

    • @Grand, good to hear you’ve been having good success with non-CB products. I’ve got my hands full right now with my current sites, but I think I’m going to definitely try new niches down the road with physical products. Maybe Commission Junction or Amazon… I can’t seem to get approved to any CPA networks. I coincidentally tried to join a few while George Brown was doing his Traffic Ultimatum launch. All I got were instant rejection e-mails from them that said basically “Go away, we’re getting too many applications. If you bought Traffic Ultimatum, we don’t recommend you use the methods in it to promote CPA offers.” LOL!

  3. Hi Clayton,

    You got me thinking about starting a new site that sells products from other networks instead of clickbank.

    This is something that I definitely need to try on my 2nd site. Thanks for the idea!


    • @Vincent, Hey, if you’ve got this 16-week six-pack challenge you’re doing, you could easily do a “build muscle” website with all the stuff that you learn. You can blog about your six-pack progress and funnel people from a blog to a sales website. Just a thought…

  4. hey Clayton, Good Job man. Keep it up. its not that bad once you get it going strong. keep up the good work, and keep us updated as to what is going on.

    I agree with trying other networks, also look at people who run their own affiliate program. I have a few products that pay instant payouts. i make a sale and i get paid by the next day. try e-junkie, its a good one for some decent products and they are all instant payouts.

    • @James, Yeah! I just found out about e-junkie a few weeks ago. I’m really excited about that! I’ve wanted to do a travel-related website for a long time, but the products on CB are disappointing. I don’t want to peddle a bunch of lame “Disney Land vacation” guides; I want to write about living out of a backpack and hiking through the jungle and stuff like that. They definitely have some more promising products on e-junkie.

      PS: I saw on Affilorama you mentioned you’re putting together a relationship product of your own. If you’re going to have an affiliate program, let me know. I’ve got 2 relationship websites that are doing pretty well.

  5. Clayton,

    Can you please clarify? You are turning $1,000 per month just by writing articles on YOUR sites? And, you haven’t done any web 2.0 outside of your own sites? No forum posting or blog posting for links? That’s very impressive and encouraging.

    • @Carl, I’ve got 5 websites that are “on their feet” right now. I built up 30 articles on each on and then spun and marketed them using article directories, web2.0, and AMA.

      I recently added extra articles to these sites doubling their size. I have yet to market these new pages though. However, I am noticing a slow increase in traffic mostly because my new search terms are extremely low-competition and rank well in search engines.

      But basically, my income is coming from five 30-page sites. It should be interesting to see how marketing my new pages changes things…

  6. About how many websites do you have now?

  7. Clayton, you can try PeerFly, joining is easy, and they’ve got 500+ cpa offers or you can look at the offers on see if there is any offer relevant to your niches.

  8. @ Clayton. Thanks. I started it with a 30 page ebook that I wrote to build my list. from the responses I got from it I am rewriting it and making it about 100 pages. i am also recording some bonuses to go along with it.

    I will have an affiliate program set up for it eventually, but not sure when. I will keep you in mind when I do.

    • @James, Did you give the 30-page e-book out as an incentive to sign up to the list? Hmm… I have a small e-book I wrote as a PPC bonus… I think I’m starting to get an idea…

  9. hi Clayton!

    I see you are getting good results from AMA and article marketing.

    I’ve passed a month submitting my articles to the best article directories suggested by AB, and I’ve faced many problems: article declined without reason, more than 2 weeks of articles “pending” before accepted, problems about too many links or too small articles and I’ve achieved very little improving in my rankings.

    Now, for my 3rd site, I’ll follow quality backlinks strategies. I’ve started about a week ago, and I’m getting backlinks from PR4-9 sites (principally forums) without even posting, but simply putting my links inside my user profile. I have to say that I can yet see some results, and the time required is halved or even less.

    Have you ever tested this method?

    • @Corrado, Hey! I haven’t heard from you in awhile. Yeah, article marketing can be a pain sometimes. But most of them should be approved if their over 500 words and have 2 links in them. If you have a basic or basic plus membership on EzineArticles, it can take a long time to get approved. Just keep at it, and eventually you’ll get platinum.

      I haven’t done much profile linking. I know some other people have had great success with it, though. Once I’m done with my current article marketing efforts, I’m going to try to get into other means of getting traffic like guest posting on blogs and other social media.

      • @Corrado, Oh… also, some of the article directories are very strict about duplicate content. If your articles have been spinning around in AMA for awhile this could be a problem. I have a specific order I submit articles. First Ezine, then other places that are strict about duplicate content like Hubpages, then I finish off all the article directories on my list, and finally set the AMA article to “live.”

  10. If I remember correctly, you’ve been using UAW for a while now
    How is it? Are you notice significant boost in your SERP?

    • @Stefan, Yeah, I’ve been using UAW since March or April I think. I have noticed some SERP’s increasing, but I can’t really say if it is necessarily because of UAW. I’ve also been adding more pages to my websites too, and from what I understand search engines prefer sites with more indexed pages. Overall the sites that UAW submits to seem to be higher quality than AMA. Plus they have editorial reviews of your articles so you know that they’re not just littering the web with garbage articles on garbage blogs. I’ve heard that AMA started implementing quality control standards though, so hopefully they will get better too.

  11. somtimes it is very difficult to get quality backlinks from authority sites.”‘*

    • @Alfie, Hey man, don’t take this the wrong way or anything, but your comment really seems like some kind of comment spam. I’m approving it because it seems like there is a possibility that it’s a genuine comment. But in case you are a comment spammer, I changed your URL. If you’re a legit person, leave another comment and I’ll change it back.

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